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The Challenge

Pulse Creative has been tasked with the brand identity and development for Persistent Systems, a military communications techology firm, since 2006. In 2011, Pulse Creative was tasked with (1) re-positioning the "Persistent Systems" brand for new sectors, (2) validating the products to an audience that had no knowledge of the brand and its capabilities, and (3) to compete with established products in other industries.

The Solution

My team and I redesigned everything from the website to the collateral in order to appeal to a variety of industries as well as showcase new product features to highlight field functionality. For example, Persistent Systems’ product catalog and manuals were redesigned to be able to fit in a pants’ back pocket (as well as take a beating from the elements). An increased presence at industry trade shows was also a major priority. We worked with a variety of vendors to design and manufacture Trade Show Booths that could seamlessly fit into any environment. Interactive elements were custom designed for speed and functionality due to the nature of where most of Persistent Systems' clients operated. A focus on Public Relations has placed Persistent Systems in a variety of news outlets, such as Wired Magazine and CBS's Evening News.

The Result

Persistent Systems continues to grow at a fast rate while many of their competitors have stagnated during the US government budget tightening. Refocusing Persistent Systems towards non-military applications has allowed them to enter industries where there are little or no competitors. Persistent Systems Trade Show Happy Hour attendance rivaled or exceeded numbers from larger exhibitors such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin. The interactive applications also demonstrated the capability of Persistent Systems hardware which aided in increased product sales during trade shows. .