Who is Dhareza?

Many people wonder where Dhare came from. Lore has it that Dhare was kidnapped as a baby by lemurs that cared for him until they got bored. Fortunately, a traveling band of ninjas took him in and trained him to be silent as the night and to live in the shadows. Being afraid of the dark, this was very difficult for Dhare. He turned to art and design as a source of amusement and illumination. Many years later an archaeological team looking for remnants of the 80s discovered Dhare and put him to work. The truth is ... Dhare was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka and led an innocuous life of t-shirts and baggy shorts until he moved to the United States where he received an "education".

No ... Seriously

Dhareza served as the Creative Director for Pulse Creative where he spent his days and nights making things look pretty. Dhare brought intense focus to any project he worked on from video game, web, and graphic design, to photography. Form and function merged elegantly in his work, due to his love for both art and technology. He was known as the Creative Zombie in the office with the most round the clock projects under his belt since his arrival at Pulse. As the ultimate creative triple threat, Dhare brought innovative and thought-provoking design to Pulse Creative for several years. He was the first to break into "The Core" team with his dedication to growing his clients, the Pulse team and ultimately his design impact on the world. The Creative Zombie is striving for world domination, one brand at a time.

Among some of the notable clients who have leveraged Dhare's talents are Denstsu Aegis Media, Alvarez & Marsal, Disney, Sony Music Entertainment, LG, Persistent Systems, NYCMX, Veronica Belmont and CNET.com to name just a few.


  • 8
    Years of Design Experience
  • 6
    Prestigious Design Awards
  • 8247
    Cans of Red Bull


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